In addition to all Boost and OpenSSL contributors, and all coders since time-immemorial who have made this project possible, we would like to acknowledge the following:

  • Wei Dai, Jeffrey Walton, and all the developers at Crypto++ for providing an influential and free C++ cryptographical library
  • Dean Michael Berris, Glyn Matthews, and all the developers at cpp-netlib for providing an actively developed cross-platform networking library
  • zzz, str4d, and all Java I2P developers both past and present who have set the standard for all other I2P implementations to follow
  • orion for providing i2pcpp: the original C++ implementation of I2P
  • orignal for providing i2pd: the most feature-complete C++ implementation of I2P for us to fork from
  • EinMByte for improving all C++ I2P implementations (including Kovri)